🏛Our Education System📚

The first problem is that it stifles innovation. Effort of the teachers becomes to train the students to crack the tests rather than to learn and innovate. There is a difference between the two. Innovation requires a free mind that grapples with new ideas and concepts. Common tests, on the other hand, require the student to conform to the established norms of learning. Thus we often find that toppers from our universities languish in small jobs, while laggards move ahead in their careers. One engineer working in an American Multinational Company told that his fellow student who topped the class in the school exams was nowadays selling dry fruits. He was a laggard in the school but has been successful in life. This happens because the school exams do not test the ability to think or innovate. Julia Black of the London School of Economics tells that one of the main demands presented by the students was “an end to the audit culture which makes academic output an object of assessment and measurement, which stifles free thinking and impoverishes innovation…”

Everybody has chapters🖋….

In the end, we all will be chapters in someone’s life….

🖋Chapter 1🖋

From “She is just another friend”

To, “She’s the craziest and annoying piece of shit I’m addicted to.”

I got a new best friend.
But now she is one of my chapters. Chapter that is deep beneath my heart. Because she was my first one. It all started very early. So early that we were so innocent to realise. So innocent to understand and much more to express. We failed to express. More specifically I failed. Every chapter has something to teach you. Rest of the things you have to learn yourself.

After long years, she came in my life again. But this time she was just a friend. Not best friend. The chapter I have already learnt. This time, I haven’t expected anything.

Afterall, she’s a beautiful memory of my life. The memory I will never want to forget. So, I kept her first in the chapters. First because she was first to come. First to feel. She made me realise how wonderful the world could be. But now I am blessed to have her still my good friend, unlike other chapters. So let us begin….

First Love Fails💔

Reasons : Our goals were same but mindsets were different. She came, she gave and she left. She was preety good in making friends. Much better than I was. That’s why I fall for her. Her long hairs and spect on tiny nose was more than enough to made me fall everyday. This was not love at first sight. Many years I never believed in love at first sight. But a chapter may have start with this phrase.